Can You HandleBar Beard Shampoo

Can You HandleBar Beard Shampoo is specially formulated for beards but suitable for all hair, this beard wash cleans your hair and skin without robbing them of the oils necessary to keep them hydrated and healthy. Clean and healthy beards are less dry, and less prone to itchiness and flaking. Can You HandleBar Bar Beard shampoo is designed to keep your beard looking its best.

About The Scent:  The brightness of spearmint and vetiver are grounded with sage and myrrh for a supremely clean scent. You’ll feel the clean as well with a slight tingle on the skin. Scented with essential oils, it’s designed to give you an initial burst of fragrance as you lather up in the shower that will wear in softly as you go about your day.

8 oz

Grow it. Groom it.

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