Can You Handlebar "Devotion" Patchouli & Floral Beard Balm

The scent:

A big manly floral scent with patchouli undertones and some cognac thrown in for good measure. We named this after the virtue of Devotion--sticking it out, even when things get tough.

Expert formula:

Blend of light weight and heavier oils to deeply nourish hair and add shine. This beard balm is called a “dry” oil because we add just enough beeswax to make the oil solid at room temperature. No petroleum or nut-oils used in any of our products! (We use beeswax, lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, essential oils, shea butter, vitamin E)

Engineered for real-life:

All labels are oil and water-proof. Our cans are stainless steel and are built to survive a rough life on bathroom counter or in a dopp kit.

How to Apply:

You can apply it directly to your beard, use the Beard Oil Brush or use your fingers. For best results, use the least amount possible to get the shine and hold you are looking for. Pet your dog to get oils off your hands. For videos on how to use beard oils: click here.

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