Can You HandleBar Beard Oil Brush


This bear oil brush was specifically selected to work with Beard Dry Oil cans as well as traditional beard oils.  The base of the brush is wood and the bristles are horse hair.  The bristles penetrate through most beards to provide a gentle massage, while ensuring that the oils cover the hairs completely and make it all the way to the hair underneath, so that your chiseled jawline receives the nourishment it needs.



Get out your CanYouHandlebar Dry Oil:  Open your new CanHandlebar beard oil and set it aside.

Oil your brush:  Gently twist your beard oil brush on top of your Dry Oil about a quarter turn or so.  If you are using a traditional beard oil, add a nickel sized dollop to the center of the brush.

Condition the front:  Start on one side and brush the Dry Oil down into the beard from the sideburns.  Move on to the middle and other side.

Condition the back: Now, make sure you brush some oil into the underside of your beard.

Optional comb through:  If you'd like you can comb your beard out to ensure total coverage. If you do this, comb your beard horizontally and then finish by combing down and out into the final shape

Optional hand sculpting: If you'd like, grab the outside of your beard and stroke your manly beard into its final stately form.



Wood is porous:  Over time, the wood will absorb the oils you use and may even show through on the top side. This is to be expected and is not harmful.

Hairs fall out: The natural horse hair bristles will fall out from time to time and can be removed from your Beard Dry Oil with a deft hand or a pair of tweezers.  This is a normal part of owning a natural hair brush!




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