June 19, 2017


Historic Beard Competitions in the Philippines

Back in 1941, just before the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, American soldiers had a beard competition amongst The officers and men of Clark Air Base, originally established as Fort Stotsenburg in Sapang Bato, Angeles in 1903 under control of the U.S. Army. In this historic event the men were ordered to allow their beards to grow, and to keep it neatly trimmed at all times. Needless to say the men welcomed the challenge and had fun in the process.

Here are a few pictures of this momentous event:

Fast forward to the present, on August 12, 2017 History Con will be hosting the first Bearded Pinoy Beard & Moustache Competition in Philippine History, a beard competition exclusively for Filipinos that sport facial hair.

Here are a few examples of Bearded Pinoy’s on Instagram:

The invitation has already been announced, “To all you Filipinos out there, we are in search for the first Filipino to take the title of Beard Pinoy Beard & Moustache Champion.” Join and take part in this Historic event!

Discover You beard.

Grow it. Groom it.

Mark Barretto
Bearded Pinoy


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Images via screengrab and Instagram